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Daffodils or Weeds

by Kate Fuller


Whether written in her tiny LA apartment or sung in the candlelit corners of Oxford pubs, Kate Fuller's Daffodils or Weeds tells stories within stories.

Produced by Adelaide composer and multi-instrumentalist Adam Page and recorded at Wizard Tone Studios, Daffodils or Weeds explores the juxtaposition between darkness and light, good and evil, tension and release.

Brought to life beautifully with incredible musicianship and production, the result is a warm, true and haunting homegrown, and internationally inspired, album.


Adam Page - Saxophone/Flute/Keys/Ukulele

Sam Cagney - Electric and Acoustic Guitar

Lyndon Gray - Upright and Electric Bass

Kyrie Anderson - Drums and Percussion

Julian Farraretto - Violin, Mandolin, Chin Cello and Saw

Kate Fuller - Vocals


Produced by Adam Page, engineered and mixed by James Brown, mastered by Jarrad Payne, recorded at Wizard Tone Studios, January 2016.